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* Club to re-open @ 11am *

July 4, 2020

** Club Opens for Members **

Covid-19 Update

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Christchurch Conservative club has re-opened


As promised, here is some detail about how our Club  looks and is operating.   We re-opened on Saturday 4th July. The new regime is a big change for us all and we ask that you show support for the changes that we have been required to make by law. Of course, not everything will be “right first time.” It may be that a body such as Environmental Health, tell us that certain things have to, change or you, as members, might come up with some workable improvements.
All we ask is that you show some patience – things may take a little longer than normal but our staff will be having to cope with much more stringent responsibilities so please support them.
We cannot cover every eventuality, in this document but there are two over-riding things to keep in mind at all times:

ANYTHING you touch that might have been touched by someone else is potentially contaminated. Avoid touching your face and keep your hands regularly washed or sanitised

ALWAYS keep 1m+ away from people outside your household or support bubble and 2m where possible. Do not shake hands!

Opening hours:

The hours will be

Sunday to Thursday 11:00 until 22:00

Friday and Saturday 11:00 until 23:00 closing (rather than 11:30pm).

These times will be reviewed weekly and when any restrictions are changed.

Food service

  • Apologies, no meal service will be operating at this time.


Entry and departure to/from the Club
We need to limit close proximity contact between people and the Foyer is a particular case in point which is often occupied with people going in both directions as well as those looking at the noticeboard.

All entry into the Club should be via the front door. Please have your door card ready before you approach the door to avoid queues of people waiting to get in. After opening the door, please do not stand in the Foyer to put your card away. Move into the bar and attend to this in a place where there is plenty of room and you do not cause an obstruction.

Before entry Please SANITISE YOUR HANDS.


Please make sure you card is recognised for you to gain access to the club

We have been told to keep contact details of customers for 21 days in case of an outbreak so that Contact Tracers can identify who might have been infected.

Finding a table

Using the outside area is safer for both you and others. We recommend this option where possible.

If staying inside: all customers (indoors) must be seated

Small tables and sofas should ONLY be shared by members of the same household/support bubble

  • Large tables may be shared by members of two households. This is the only scenario in which you may move chairs – e.g. two couples may sit opposite each other with the members of each couple not needing to be distanced from each other.

Fruit machines

  • We strongly advise customers to use available products to clean all machine buttons before use – you do not know who may have touched it before! Regular cleaning will also be carried out by staff.
  • You will be handling cash – sanitise your hand before doing anything else!

Ordering drinks

  • ONE person to go to the bar and order drinks for the table. If paying separately then DO NOT go to the bar together. Wait at your table for service area to be clear.
  • You may only approach the bar at the designated “Service Point”
  • DO NOT QUEUE for a service position. Wait for a free one before leaving your table.
  • USE CONTACTLESS PAYMENT wherever possible. Notes and coins are a fantastic means to pass bugs from person to person. If you do use cash, SANITISE YOUR HANDS straight afterwards.
  • Customers and staff will be separated by Perspex screening
  • DO NOT attempt to take a drink from someone’s hand. WAIT for them to put it down and withdraw their hand. This will be in the collection area point
  • Your clean drinks glasses should only be handled by staff with clean hands. If you suspect that a staff member forgot to sanitise after handling cash or card before pouring your drink, please inform them politely – they will be under strain and it will be a genuine accident.
  • Under no circumstances attempt to get a glass re-filled.


  • Maximum of 2 people in any lavatory at any time. Should you see 2 people when you open the door, please withdraw, and find a safe area to wait. Do not allow a queue to form outside the door!
  • Some urinals in the Gents will have been removed from service to ensure adequate social distancing
  • EVERYONE MUST wash hands before leaving
  • If you then need to open a door, sanitise again after exit – you do not know who else might have touched that door!
  • Events and entertainment

    There are certain legal restrictions that effectively rule out most activities for the time being.

    We are not allowed to:

  1. hold any live music or comedy event (or anything that might encourage dancing)
  2. play loud music (or loud TV) that might cause someone to raise their voice and spread aerosol droplets further afield than normal talking
  3. host any event likely to attract more than 30 people


  • No live or recorded music events
  • No Bingo.
  • Draws and Tote –are not happening now. Although we are looking at ways, we might be able to do this safely in the future
  • Darts – all leagues currently cancelled, and as fewer customers can be sat on any table, and tables must be separated, access to dart boards is limited. Members of a single household/support bubble may play or, two people from different households can play so long as they do not share any equipment i.e. NO use of electronic scoreboards, chalk/marker pens can be provided for each player to score without having to share.
  • Snooker / Pool. Please wear gloves to rack up balls and keep one glove on so balls can be replaced on the table regular cleaning, after the last player
  • Sanitise the extensions, triangle, scoreboard, light machine. Play at your own risk and ALWAYS avoid touching your face and sanitise afterwards.
  • No Poker – cannot have chips and cards passed from person to person sitting in close proximity
  • TV sport is permitted if the volume is kept low. You must not shout! If you and the referee have different viewpoints, raising your voice will not make him hear you – express your displeasure quietly!
  • Signage
    You will see plenty of notices dotted around the Club to remind you of what is required. Please do read and take notice of them. If you are confused about social distancing rules and who can meet with who, see the government’s web site for the most up to date and correct information.
    And finally, …
    Please remember that whilst The Club has done a great deal to keep you safe, you are ultimately responsible for your own actions. Please try to comply with the letter and the spirit of the new rules. It’s all for your safety and I’m sure we all long for the day we can return to normal.

    We are bound by regulations so if you are unhappy about any of these, write to your MP. Any constructive suggestions should be passed to a Committee Member but please bear in mind there may be regulations you are unfamiliar with that dictated the way something has been implemented.

    We have, at every stage, decided member safety is our top priority, so please, don’t compare us to some other establishment that may have played fast and loose with the law for the sake of making a quick buck.

Thank you for your time

Let us continue to have the best members club in Christchurch

Management Committee


Monday 10th August 2020

We have a new ordering procedure!

Please order all food either through the Christchurch Conservative APP or directly at the bar

To get the App please log onto the Apple/ Android store and download the Club Order App.

Please enter the code 0037 this should bring up the Christchurch Conservative App 

With all your orders you will need to let us know your table number and we will bring the food to you.

Cutlery will be brought out with the meals and please ask the server for any sauces which will be dispensed in sachets.

We will be supporting the Government’s Eat Out To Help Out Scheme of a 50% discount  

We would like to let you know we have been successfully operating since the 4th July and would like to thank all our members that have supported us with your visits and we have been very pleased with the positive feedback we have received about all the addition processes we have added to protect our members from any issues with Covid 19

Can I remind everyone on entering the club, to ensure you swipe your membership card at the door as this is our best way to keep you all safe.

If you are bringing guests with you, please make sure they register at the bar so we can maintain our strict track and trace protocols.

Food service times:

Monday    11:30 – 14:30

Tuesday    11:30 – 14:30

Thursday  11:30 –14:30                                17:00 – 20:00

Friday        11:30 — 14:30                                17:00 – 20:00

Saturday  11:30 – 14:30                                  17:00 – 20:00

Sunday     11:30 – 15:30

Catering Events


Facility Events

Monday – Evening


Mixed Darts


Tuesday – Evening


Bingo at 8pm all members welcome plus weekly members draw.

Wednesday – Evening





Bingo at 1:45

Club Poker at 8pm, all welcome.

Ladies Darts

Friday – Evening


Meat draw & Members Safe Cracker

Saturday – Evening


Varied Entertainment

Weekly Prize draw

Member Tote (tickets sold all week)



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